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Current Top 5 Potential Playoff Matchups For The Cavs

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1. Miami Heat, 33-39

Games vs. Cavs in 2014-15:

Dec. 25, CLE 91 – MIA 101
Feb. 11, MIA 93 – CLE 113
Mar. 16, CLE 92 – MIA 106

Miami is only one game ahead of Boston for the seventh spot and hasn’t relinquished it since Cleveland took the number two seed. Is that just some random coincidence? We think the Heat want to see the Cavs this season after leading the season series 2-1 (with each team winning at home) and one more matchup coming up in Cleveland Thursday evening. But it might be hard to retain that seventh spot with games against the Cavs, Spurs, Pacers, Bulls, and Raptors, who are all still vying for the highest possible playoff positions. To make matters worse, starting center Hassan Whiteside could miss the next few games as he recovers from a laceration between his middle and ring fingers that required 10 stitches.

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