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Current Top 5 Potential Playoff Matchups For The Cavs

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4. Indiana Pacers, 31-41

Games vs. Cavs in 2014-15:

Nov. 29, IND 97 – CLE 109
Feb. 6, CLE 99 – IND 103
Feb. 27, CLE 86 – IND 93
Mar. 20, IND 92 – CLE 95

The Indiana Pacers, like the Hornets, are tied for 10th in the East just a couple games back of the seventh and eighth playoff spots. They’ve got a much tougher schedule however, as they’ll end the season playing Memphis, Washington, Oklahoma City, Miami, Charlotte, and Boston remaining. If Indy can make the playoffs with the return of Paul George, they would make a horribly tough matchup for the Hawks or Cavs in the first round.

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