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Current Top 5 Potential Playoff Matchups For The Cavs

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have locked up their first playoff spot since 2010 in what has been an exciting, up-and-down season for the Cavs and their fans. With the second seed all but locked up, especially if the Cavs can get a home victory over the Bulls next Sunday. We take a look at the top five possible playoff matchups for this upcoming posteason.

We start with number five:

5. Charlotte Hornets, 31-41

Games vs. Cavs in 2014-15:

Dec. 15, CHA 88 – CLE 97
Jan. 2, CLE 91 – CHA 87
Jan. 23, CHA 90 – CLE 129

Charlotte has looked down and out of the playoff run multiple times this season, especially now when seeing that they’re the 11th seed. But when looking at the records, the Hornets are just one game out of a playoff spot behind the Celtics and two games behind the Miami Heat for seventh place in the East. To make matters more interesting, Charlotte has games against Boston, Indiana, Detroit (twice), and Miami all in their final 10 games of the season. Big playoff implications there, stay tuned.

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