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Craziest Records Of Kyrie Irving’s Young Career

Bob Donnan | USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving is a star in the making thanks to his incredible ball-handling mixed with his ability to score from virtually anywhere on the floor. In addition to that, Irving has already set numerous Cavalier franchise and NBA records, and he’s only 23! We take a look at the top five records he’s set, starting with number 5:

5. Second youngest player to win NBA All-Star Game MVP

This stat will put smiles on the face of every Cavs fan around the world.
Kyrie Irving was voted to his first NBA All-Star game in 2014, at the tender age of 21 years old. Heck, my brother is 21 years old and still lives at home with my parents, just to put that in perspective.

On that day he became the sixth youngest player to be named an All-Star, and walked away with the MVP trophy, making him the second youngest player to be named MVP. Who was the youngest player to win the ward you ask? Good question!

That was a guy named LeBron James, also of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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