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Craziest Playoff Moments From LeBron James’ Career

Gregory Shamus | Getty Images

2) His Only Three Of The Night

LeBron’s first buzzer-beating game-winner in the playoffs comes in game 2 of the 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. With the Cavs down 0-1 in the series and trailing the Magic by 2 with one second left in the game, they needed a quick bucket to prevent a 0-2 whole. They play drawn up was for LeBron to cut to the basket for an alleyoop attempt. However Hedo Turkoglu managed to cut him off, so instead, LeBron pulled out to the three point line to receive the inbounds pass from Daniel Gibson. The rest is history. Unfortunately, the Cavs lost the series in 6 games, but this win could have made the difference between a sweep and a 4-2 outing.

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