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Craziest Playoff Moments From LeBron James’ Career

Gregory Shamus | Getty Images

This upcoming Saturday, April 18th, the 2015 NBA playoffs will commence. As we get ready for what is sure to be a wild ride for the Cleveland Cavaliers, we reminisce on LeBron’s best moments in his playoff career. From game-winners, to big-time performances, we have compiled a top 10 list that will get you ready for the playoffs!

10) James Over James

We start the countdown off with a breathtaking dunk by LeBron James over a lockdown defender in James Johnson. This was during the first round of the 2010 playoffs, when the first-place Cleveland Cavaliers played host to a young Chicago Bulls team in eighth place in the conference. Though this play was terrific, it held little importance as the Cavs made quick work of the Bulls, jousting them in 5 games in the first round.

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