While most of the notable NBA free agents have elected to re-sign with their team or find a new home already this offseason, there are still a handful of notable names who remain on the market. Perhaps at the top of this list is Collin Sexton. The 23-year-old guard entered the offseason as a restricted free agent but has had a surprising lack of interest around the league. The Cavs and Sexton have had some negotiations back and forth but have failed to reach a number with which both sides are comfortable with.

The Cavs are in a position to play hardball as they clearly did not miss Sexton last season. The continued progression of Darius Garland as well as several other notable additions allowed the team to continue to succeed despite Sexton’s season-ending ACL tear. While his role on the Cavs may not be as clear as it once was, the franchise would still be wise to bring back the Alabama product and bring the standoff to a close.

3 reasons Cavs must still bring Collin Sexton back

3)Don’t Let Talent Walk for Free

One of the Cardinal rules of NBA roster construction is to not let talent walk for free. While Sexton may not have solidified himself as the type of premier talent it was hoped he would, the young guard still clearly has a long-term NBA future. The former McDonald’s All-American was the 8th overall pick by the Cavs in the 2018 draft. He made the All-Rookie team during the 2018-19 season and his best years are still in front of him. If the Cavs do not have long-term interest, bringing Sexton back and attempting to trade him is still a better move for the franchise.

While his decision-making can be frustrating at times, Collin Sexton is still a guy who averaged 24.3 points per game in his last full season and over 20 points per game in two of his three full seasons in the NBA. The fit alongside Darius Garland, who has established himself as a cornerstone piece, is fair to question but there are better ways to find a solution to this than allowing him to leave in free agency. Given the current lack of interest around the NBA, the perception seems to be Sexton will be returning to the Cavs. Allowing him to walk away would be a poor look for the organization and a step back in the long haul.

2)Proper Role for Sexton

While the Cavs initially thought very highly of Collin Sexton as he made his NBA leap, one of the criticism was that he may never be capable of being more than a sixth man on a contending team. Well, this role now seems a possibility for the Alabama product as Cleveland already saw success without him. Continuing to lean into the supersized lineups and giving Sexton an off-the-bench impact role could have terrific results for both Sexton and the Cavs.

The steps forward the Cavs took last season are a terrific sign for the franchise. The organization has begun to establish a culture and has a long-term blueprint of success in place. This was not previously the case when the team looked at Sexton as a cornerstone piece despite the statistical success. He is the type of player where less could be more and using him in a more minimal bench role would be a major benefit to the team.

1)Low-Risk High-Reward

The value of Collin Sexton seems to be as low as it has ever been. This could be a benefit to the Cavs as they have a chance to bring him back on a deal for less than he really is worth. If Sexton seeks to ink a one-year deal to rebuild his value, the team can be assured he will be bringing his best effort all year. If he is looking for more long-term security, Cleveland can lock him up for less than his true market value. Either way, this works out in favor of the franchise and they could benefit from the young guard returning.

The steps forward the team took without Sexton last season put the organization in a great position. Bringing back the 6’1″ guard with little expectations puts him in a great spot. The team has already had success without him on the court and will not be overly reliant on his production. However, if he can become a significant contributor the team will obviously benefit greatly. Both on the court and financially, bringing back Collin Sexton could be a low-risk high-reward move. The Cavs are clearly moving in the right direction with or without the athletic guard and bringing him back is a gamble worth taking.