Basketball is life. That is phrase that a lot of us fans and basketball players use out on the court or with our friends. For us, there’s no greater thing to do than to ‘ball up’ our worries away with out friends and family.

There are also times, however, when we have to put our basketball love aside as we face some of the harsh realities that come with life. Lauren Hill, a 19-year old who wanted to play college basketball despite having an inoperable form of brain cancer, has died earlier this morning. The teen played basketball at a Division III University in Mount St. Joseph.

Last year, with her dream of playing college basketball possibly being out of reach, the NCAA allowed Mount St. Joseph University to start its season earlier as to make sure she could fulfill her basketball dream. And on November 2, she was able to fulfill her dream, stepping out onto the court and even scoring a basket.

After her shot, she sat down with the game’s broadcasters. No need to quote her, as her heartfelt interview and positivity throughout is enough to inspire and help people continue on in their toughest times:

After her passing, Cavs’ forward LeBron James took to Twitter to talk about Hill, who was a huge inspiration to the NBA star: