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Coin Toss: 8 Predictions For Inconsistent Cavs Vs Red-Hot Hawks

Daniel Shirey | USA TODAY Sports

#6 JT v Kyrie, starting point guards will be crucial

This game could very well be about the production of their respective starting point guards. In a Cavs winner in November, Kyrie and co held Jeff Teague to a 5 point performance, springing them to a blowout win helped by the addition of Kyrie’s 20 and 5 night.

In a Cavs loser earlier in December, Kyrie was held to just 9 points on 4-9 shooting, while ATL starting point guard Dennis Schroder had a 10 and 10 night. Most importantly, Hawks backup point guard had a game high 24 points, shooting 7-8 from the floor. Defending Atlanta’s point savy gaurds will be one of the main priorities in winning tonight’s game.

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