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Coin Toss: 8 Predictions For Inconsistent Cavs Vs Red-Hot Hawks

David Richard | USA Today Sports

#3 The Three-Pointer Will Make It Or Break It For The Cavs

In Sundays horrible loss to Detroit, the Cavs allowed the Pistons to hit a franchise record 17 three point shots, and saw the Pistons hit a ridiculous 55% of their three point attempts fall. On December 17th’s loss to ATL at home, the Cavs gave up 16 triples to the Hawks while watching them shoot 57% from deep. Are we seeing a common theme here?

But wait, theres more! When the Cavs blew out the Hawks at home in November, we hit our first 11 three point attempts, including going 9/9 in the first quarter and ended up with a total of 19 made three point field goals. Shooting 62% while doing it.

Two Words: Shelvin, Mack. Don’t let his calm demeanor surprise you, as the Hawks backup Point Guard can fill it up from downtown. In Cleveland’s blowout loss to the Hawks earlier this month, the Cavs were caught completely off guard with a relentless “Mack Attack” from the perimeter including five 3’s in one quarter!

A team can live or die by the three-point line, we’ve seen that first hand. D THE 3!

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