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Coin Toss: 8 Predictions For Inconsistent Cavs Vs Red-Hot Hawks

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#2 Can Cavs Sustain A Quick Start?

The Cavs are the number one team in the league right now in putting up points in the first quarter. But how many times have we seen these incredible shooting performances and leads dwindle down the stretch? Way to many.

During the home loss on December 17th, the Cavs actually led the Hawks at the first break 34-26 behind the Cavs amazing shooting to start the game. Remember Cavs Nation, offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships. And its championships we’re hungry for here in Cleveland. In the final three quarters of the December match-up, the Cavs were outscored 101-64, proving that our defense has a long way to go, but our offense could use work too.

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