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Cleveland Cavaliers Player Shoe Watch For 2015-16 Season

1. LeBron 13

LeBron 13's

This is arguably the best LeBron’s to date. With a simpler, sleeker design in comparison to the 12’s, the 13’s have been very popular among fans. While not too many players on other teams have worn the 13’s, it’s only a matter of time before the trend catches on. The 13’s have released a couple of colorways so far, including the Written in the Stars, Home and Opening Night colorways. There is also a halloween/Friday the 13th themed colorway that will be released on Nov. 13th.

The most notable Cavalier who doesn’t wear Nike kicks is Shump, who wears Adidas Crazy 8’s, among other shoes. Sometimes, LBJ and JR will wear special edition shoes, such as Kobes, Jordans, or vintage LeBron’s, such as the 4’s. Most of the time though, their shoe contracts limit them to wearing only Nikes.

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