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Cleveland Cavaliers Player Shoe Watch For 2015-16 Season

2. Kyrie II

Kyrie’s first signature shoe released just about a year ago, and it was very popular among fans due to its simple design and low regular price in comparison to the other signature shoes. Not many of Kyrie’s teammates have worn his shoes in games, though, since they are definitely more point guard oriented. While Kyrie rocks different Cavs PE’s and custom Kyrie 1’s on and off the court, Mo has worn the Kyrie’s in the first 4 games so far this season. He has worn the Kyrie 1 EYBL Warhawk colorway, which was originally released especially for the EYBL (Elite Youth Basketball League) hosted by Nike. The Kyrie 2’s are rumored to be releasing in early December, so it remains to be seen if more players will wear the 2’s once they come out.

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