The Cleveland Cavaliers are preparing to make this upcoming season as epic as possible. With the number of impressive free-agent signings this offseason coupled with the hype of the latest Kevin Love trade, the Cavs are poised to make some noise this upcoming season. The heart of basketball and NBA media may just have moved to the city of Cleveland. To ensure that this season will live up to expectations, the Cavaliers are making some large investments to give people of Cleveland what they deserve. We are talking about a city that has been sucked dry of championships for over 50 years. {adinserter 2} The latest addition to the Cleveland arsenal is on-court projections, that will be used for starting line-ups for every single game next season. This will revolutionize the entire atmosphere at the games. Rather than the normal jumbotron, this will direct the crowd towards the court, a much more accessible region specially for people lower in the crowd. This coupled with the emcee coordinates an impressive feel and unique crowd experience. You might remember these on-court projects were spectacularly displayed during Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ Retirement Ceremony. Here’s a look back at the retirement ceremony:

Be sure to get out to a game this season to ensure you take in this amazing spectacle.