When the Cavaliers announced that they were letting go of former GM David Griffin, the move left a lot of question marks behind. Most notable was the absence of a sensible reason behind the move, since Griffin was a core part of the organization ever since LeBron James returned in 2014, and was even credited by James personally on many occasions.

When the dust settled on the move, many names were thrown around as possible replacements.

One of the most heard names was that of a former point guard who was prominently known for his years as a Nugget and Piston, — Chauncey Billups. Billups is currently involved with the Big3 league, captaining the “Killer 3s”, a team that is composed of Billups, Stephen Jackson, Reggie Evans, Larry Hughes, and Brian Cook. Outside of the Big3 league, Billups is also involved with ESPN as an analyst.

Billups appeared on Yahoo’s “The Vertical Podcast”, hosted by Adrian Wojnarowski, where the former spoke about his future, most notably on how he is going to be involved with the league.

“When I’ve talked about my future,” said Billups. “most of the time it’s always kind of been front office stuff but as I start to take a deeper dive into my future whenever that is that I decide to get back in or not, I’ve opened up my mind to the opportunity to coach. I know I like to have a day-to-day impact on guys, similar to how I was as a player, when I led a lot of my teams. One of my fears about being in a front office, not a fear but a reservation, is maybe I don’t have that kind of day-to-day influence and impact on a guy like I’m used to.”

Although he rejected the opportunity to be the main assistant coach to Frank Vogel in Orlando, Billups does seem to be more open to the coaching role as time passes. However, many reports say that he is more interested in a front office position than assistant coaching roles.