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Charles Barkley responds to LeBron James: 'I'm not like 12 years old'

LeBron James

It took some time, but Charles Barkley finally made his response to the venomous comments of LeBron James.

Charles seems to be doing the mature thing, accepting he made mistakes in the past but moved on. He also stated that he stands by his comments of a “whiny” James, letting the world know he wouldn’t change anything if he had his time over.

Barkley spoke to the “Waddle and Silvy” radio show on ESPN 1000.

“Number one, I have no problem with what LeBron said. Some of it was true, I did pay my debt, that’s not true. I was never late to the All-Star game, so thats not true.”

“I don’t overreact, I’m not gonna say anything bad about him or get personal, I stick by what I said, he was all whiny and everything last week. I’m good man, if I’m gonna be straight forward like I always try to be, I know guys gonna come back at me sometimes.”

“He got personal, but I’m never gonna gonna get personal on a NBA player. My criticism and critique are always all about basketball, and I’ma keep doing what I do.”

“Clearly he googled me and figure out some things because I think he was young when I was playing. So he clearly googled me, so I appreciate that.”

“But listen man, I’m not gonna get upset if somebody says something bad about me. I’m not like 12 years old.”

Barkley doesn’t seem fazed by the comments whatsoever almost getting through completely professionally, before throwing a snide remark James’ way with the, “12 years old” comment.

Chuck, you’re 53 years old, and LBJ is 32 years of age. Lets turn the page and get on with the remainder of the NBA’s regular season.

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