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Charles Barkley fires back at the haters in expletive-filled rant

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, former NBA player turned television personality, has been receiving quite a bit of flak for his comments about LeBron James. After falling to the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night, The King responded to Barkley’s degrading soliloquy with fervor.

James has been receiving support from friends and former teammates with regards to the feud-like situation. Now, “Sir Charles” is firing back at his haters with a resounding “F**K YOU!”.

On Tuesday night, Barkley commandeered the DJ booth at the Koo Koo Room in Atlanta to send a message. TMZ Sports has Barkley’s quote in their recent article.

“This is for all you f**king haters out there,” Barkley said as he chose the next song to be played. “For all you f**king haters, F**K Y’ALL!”

As Barkley pressed play, Nas’ famous rap song “Hate Me Now” began to permeate the room.

“I listen to this song every day I wake up,” Barkley said with pride.

Hey, at least Chuck has good taste in music.For the video, watch below.

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