The Cavaliers are renowned for their tight-knit locker room, which helped them rally in the NBA finals to come away as champions. New recruits are quickly acclimated, and Channing Frye has ensured sharpshooter Kyle Korver is no different, quickly welcoming him via Snapchat.

Frye himself was in the same position just half a year ago, as he was welcomed with open arms and told exactly what Korver will be encouraged to do – shoot the ball.

Frye’s best friend and teammate Richard Jefferson has become famous for his Snapchat account, but it was the Cavs dead-eye stretch-four that made sure everyone knew Korver was traveling with the team.

Korver will soon learn how close the Cavs are as a team. They aren’t just great teammates to one another, they’re also great friends off the court as well.

Look for Korver to adapt quickly to the Cavs system, before he’s draining threes for the wine and gold.