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Channing Frye: He (Kevin Love) knows that we have his back

Channing Frye, Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to get their on-court problems sorted, rediscovering their winning ways, with relentless off-court distractions in their face. The New York Knicks are rumored to have sent a trade proposal Cleveland’s way a few weeks ago, and drama has followed the Cavaliers everywhere since.

Ironically the Cavaliers faced those Knicks on Saturday night, which of course sent every rumor under the sun into hyper-drive. Following their 111-104 win at Madison Square Garden, members of the Cavaliers spoke to ESPN about those relentless trade rumors.

“My life is so tough,” a sarcastic Kevin Love said. “Oh, rumor mill! Aw, God.”

Love impressed on the night, putting up 23 points and 16 rebounds, showcasing to Knicks fans exactly what they would have seen on a nightly basis if the Cavs had have accepted the trade offer.

As always, Channing Frye likes to keep things light, and did so again when asked about the situation.

“As a teammate, I don’t feel sorry for him,” Channing Frye said. “Who cares about rumors? We love him. We know what he does for this team. He’s a Banana Republic model. … Dude, he’s fine. He’s absolutely fine. He knows that we have his back.”

“Just being out there and hooping is therapeutic, regardless of whether it’s a good game or bad game, you’re just looking at it as ‘I’m out here with my brothers, we’re competing at the highest level.”

“We’re a very good team with him. You know, we’re a very good team with him. So, let’s just keep it going.”

Cleveland have done exactly that, putting their trust in their All-Star forward and watching him torch the Washington Wizards just two nights later. Love went for 39 points and 12 rebounds on Monday against the Wizards and continues to be a pivotal part of the Cavaliers title defense.

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