We’ve heard all the drama speculations, the alleged unhappiness of some players in the locker room, and whatnot. But the Cleveland Cavaliers are still in the position where everyone expected them to be when the season began.

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Yes, there were some rough stretches. But the team, led by LeBron James who has slowly but surely shifted into playoff mode, has clicked at the right stage. Amidst all the stories over the course of the regular season about the Cavs’ chemistry, you still see the bench having fun during games when appropriate. The different handshakes along with a few videobombs here and there are also entertaining spectacles.

Veteran Channing Frye, who has spent a good number of years on different teams, testified on the good vibe that is thriving within the team, per David Zavac of SB Nation’s Fear The Sword.

“I love our chemistry … we’ve grown a lot.”

“It’s a bunch of bullsh*t. It was overblown like crazy. This is, probably, one of the best locker rooms I’ve ever been in in my career. I think so many things get overblown. I just literally stopped watching ESPN and all that other kind of stuff. It’s like ‘I’m in the locker room and you guys are making up stuff that doesn’t even exist. It’s kind of crazy.For us, it just makes us meld together. We laugh about it at times. It brings us together, makes us a better team.”

It’s funny and amazing, at the same time, how this group can easily pay no attention to outside distractions. This will definitely be put to good use this postseason as only 16 teams are now sharing all of everyone’s attention, which will only build up as the rounds go further.

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All that matters is the harmony that is present within the Cavaliers, no matter what they say.