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Celebrities And NBA Stars Explode On Twitter Reacting To LeBron, Kyrie Performances

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving had 41 points apiece in the NBA Finals, becoming the first duo to score 40+ in a Finals game in NBA history.

Everyone wrote the Cavs off, and Twitter erupted as the duo helped the Cavs force a Game 6.

Flash actor and star Grant Gustin is a huge Clippers fan, but even he couldn’t ignore what he saw.

Young Blackish star Miles Brown is a huge Cavs fan, and went nuts watching the game.

Magic Johnson reacted to the outstanding performance by Kyrie and LeBron.

Chef Michael Symon, a Cleveland native, was watching the game and shared his excitement.

D-Wade had one word.

Norris Cole, a teammate of Wade and James, had some deja-vu.

Brandon Jennings thought Game 5 would be the end, but even he was shocked.

Odell Beckham Jr. is a big LeBron fan, and saw right through the acting job of Anderson Varejao.

Odell beckham jr tweet

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