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Cedi Osman’s improvements after being drafted might be valuable for Cleveland

After reaching three straight Finals, but being dismissed by the Warriors in five games on their third attempt, Cavs fans have already become tired of losing, and they’re looking for someone – or something – new. Perhaps their 2015 31st draft pick, Cedi Osman, may be able to offer something new to Cleveland.

Osman knew he’d be on the cusp for an NBA debut come 2018, and he’s shown that he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to reach that level. The Turkish star has shown tremendous improvements in many key offensive areas. He’s also  his defensive IQ, an area that impressed the Cavaliers when they initially drafted him.

Free throw shooting, half court offense and three-point shooting were all extremely inconsistent for the Cavaliers this season. Maybe that goes more so for their 21st ranked defense, but Osman helps in all four areas. Whether he finds minutes on court, or builds himself up as a trade asset, he’s certainly made himself viable and valuable for the Cavaliers moving forward.

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