Richard Jefferson is one of the funniest and most outspoken guys in the NBA. He also isn’t afraid to give himself a lot of credit for something. That was the case again on Monday when he was back on the University of Arizona’s campus looking at the basketball wall of fame.

He pointed out some of the people on the wall through his snapchat account. He poked fun at his former teammate Channing Frye and pointed out that Steve Kerr had his name on it about nine times. Next was a picture of Luke Walton who he jokingly claimed he never liked.

The next guy was Andre Iguodala who Jefferson said would have had three rings if it wasn’t for himself. Of course, Jefferson was apart of that 2016 NBA title team that came back from 3-1 down against the Golden State Warriors to win the title.

Jefferson did play a part in that series, but it wasn’t a big part by any means. His best play happened in Game 3 where he put up nine points and was a plus 13.

What Jefferson really probably meant to say was that Igadoula would have had three titles up on the wall if he wouldn’t have gotten his shot blocked by LeBron James on that famous chase down.

But of course, that isn’t quite Jefferson’s style so let’s just make him feel good and give him the credit for robbing Iguodala of his third title.