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Video: Cavs’ Matthew Dellavedova dives into Fred McLeod to save the ball

matthew dellavedova

People across the country must ask all the time: Why do Cleveland Cavaliers fans love¬†Matthew Dellavedova so much? All you need to do is watch this one play from the Cavs guard and you’ll have your answer.

Is¬†Matthew Dellavedova the most talented guy in the NBA? Not even close. However, he’s a player who is always going to give it his all and sacrifice his body for the team. Cavs TV guy¬†Fred McLeod probably wishes¬†Dellavedova didn’t dive into him, but even McLeod appreciated Delly’s effort.

All of Cleveland jumped for joy when the Cavs acquired¬†Matthew Dellavedova from the Milwaukee Bucks. The rugged guard was part of the team which won the 2016 championship over the Golden State Warriors and was a fan favorite during his first stint with Cleveland. Now that LeBron James is on the Los Angeles Lakers, there’s no question that¬†Matthew Dellavedova is the most popular player on the Cavs, and it’s not even close.

Cleveland is a blue collar city. That’s why the fans there relate to Dellavedova so much. Instead of relying on talent,¬†Matthew Dellavedova used hard work and grit to make an impact on the basketball floor, and sometimes that means destroying the Cavs’ TV set.

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