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LeBron James, Stephen Curry hug it out after NBA Finals in never-before-seen footage

LeBron James. Stephen Curry

The last three straight years in the NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers have gone head-to-head with the Golden State Warriors to battle for the NBA championship.

Through that vast experience on that stage between both teams, there has been a strong level of mutual respect built on each side for the other competitor. Much of this rings true between LeBron James and Stephen Curry over that span.

With that in mind, ESPN’s First Take recently revealed some previously unseen footage after Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals that shows James congratulating Curry after winning his second NBA title over the Cavaliers.

There is nothing short of tremendous respect between both star players for what each they bring to the table on the court and the huge impact they have made on how the modern NBA game is played.

These are two of the best players in the league that have grown to share a strong bond through competition on the grandest stage.

Although Curry has gotten the best of James in the NBA Finals, it shows the type of class that the four-time league MVP has as a player. These two teams headed by these two players have been the toast of the league and it’s a refreshing sight to see these they hold mutual respect for each other.

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