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Video: Dwyane Wade pokes fun at LeBron James’ hairline

Dwyane Wade LeBron James

The LeBron James hair jokes are probably never going to end for the Cleveland Cavaliers star. If there aren’t a constant barrage of memes and jokes on the internet with pictures and posts making fun of his hairline, then he has teammates to also help constantly remind him about his hair where he seems to have his greatest battles.

James is a good sport about it and takes it all in stride, after all, how many hair jokes can you make before you’ve heard them all? In fact, the King mocked himself on social media just a few days ago when he had a little fun during a workout showing his admiration for teammate Dwyane Wade’s full head of hair.

Surely Wade can’t resist taking a crack or two at his best friend and did just that during a workout on Tuesday when Wade opened his Snapchat to continue the tradition James started by filming himself while music plays in the background.

This time around, LeBron James jumped in to video bomb Dwyane Wade only to be confronted about his hair once again, and Wade savagely added a caption to the video which took a cold shot at James about not having any.

This is most likely just a taste of the types of jokes and comedy we’ll see from the two Cavs All-Stars who Wade refers to as peanut butter and jelly.

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