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Cavs video: YouTuber user compiles all of LeBron James’ encounters with hecklers

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It’s safe to say the NBA has changed over the years. Looking back now, it seems a world away from the private life of players and ongoing development within the game that has been witnessed even just ten years ago. Nowadays, we live in a social media universe which brings everyday-fans up close and personal with NBA players and personalities during their daily lives.

The social media platforms have now consumed the sporting world, and every NBA fan is just a status or post away from sharing their thoughts and opinions about anything and everything to do with the game we all know and love.

It’s not just the fans that thrive on these social platforms, but the players have also used their social media accounts to expose their daily lives to the general public, as well as share their thoughts and feelings just like any other user.

One of those NBA personalities who rules the internet world is Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James. The kid from Akron has amassed quite a following on all his social media platforms, and has now become famous for using this as a vehicle for positive change within communities around the world as he voices his feelings towards social issues. He has also become renowned for his workout videos while rocking out to the latest jams from his favorite rappers.

Of course, James will always have his die-hard haters who are ready to troll the King whenever the opportunity presents itself.

It happens so often that one particular YouTuber who goes by the username Oldskoolbball has complied a video of all the times the Cavs star has confronted hecklers, and it is absolutely brilliant.

Turns out, you probably shouldn’t heckle the best player on the planet and arguably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, player of all-time. It’s unlikely you’ll end up on the winning side after making LeBron James angry as these sorry individuals soon found out.

There’s no doubt they will keep on coming as his career progresses and the accolades continue to pile up. The four-time MVP will simple continue to let his game and resume do all the talking however.

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