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Video: Collin Sexton locked in on Josh Hart defensively

Collin Sexton

All things considered, the NBA Summer League is something that’s equivalent to a glorified bunch of exhibition games, only with more cameras rolling and journalists watching the action. But don’t tell that to Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Collin Sexton, who seems to have zero awareness of what’s the difference between the gravity of a Game 7 of an NBA Finals and a Summer League game during a dull Monday July evening.

Here is Sexton flexing and looking like a man possessed while trying to stop whatever Los Angeles Lakers point guard Josh Hart was planning during this Cavs’ defensive sequence.

What in the world was that, Collin?

That’s probably what people would call now as a textbook defensive technique. If anything, Sexton looked like he’s about to break into a Haka, but he’s not from New Zealand.

Seriously, though, Cavs fans should like how the rookie has carried himself in the Summer League. As weird as that defensive stance appeared, it only shows how fixated Sexton is in capitalizing on every moment to learn and improve.

Unfortunately for Collin Sexton and the Cavs, the Lakers denied Cleveland’s chances of advancing to the finals with a 112-109 double-overtime victory. Sexton finished with 27 points, two assists, and two steals in 32 minutes of action.

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