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Watch: Cavs troll Raptors fans by upgrading their seats in the worst possible way

Dominating the Raptors in Game 2, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a controlling 2-0 lead in their second-round series against Toronto. And while the Cavs are winning on the court, they are apparently winning off it as well, especially when it comes to their home court advantage.

During Game 2, the Cavs had an in-game promotion where they upgraded the seats of two fans attending the game. The fans selected happened to be rooting for the Raptors, so the Cavs gave them the ultimate seat upgrade by putting them on a roof with a small TV. The kicker, they would be sitting next to a Pacers fan, who perhaps like the Raptors, got eliminated from the postseason by the Cavs.

This was obviously all staged and just a bit. But it is amusing and shows how passionate the Cavs are about protecting their home court.

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