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Cavs news: Tristan Thompson excited to play alongside Dwyane Wade

tristan thompson, dwyane wade

LeBron James isn’t the only Cleveland Cavalier who’s excited to play with Dwyane Wade. Tristan Thompson is getting sent to the bench this season and that might mean playing with Wade, who may be orchestrating the second unit.

That could mean more lobs for the Cavs big man, who is eager to be on the receiving end of some again, as Scott Sargent of Waiting For Next Year notes.

Tristan Thompson isn’t exactly the most integral part of the Cavs offense, as evidenced by his failure to average double-digit points in each of the last three seasons. He doesn’t have any plays run for him and his points primarily come from dunks and putbacks. But he’s on a mission to win Sixth Man of the Year this season, and that could mean he becomes more aggressive on the offensive end for the Cavs.

While Dwyane Wade isn’t a pure point guard, he is a canny playmaker. He certainly had a lot of practice throwing lobs to LeBron James for alley-oops during their time with the Miami Heat. Thompson doesn’t have the hops James possess, but if he can make himself available for Wade when they play together, there’s a good chance they can connect on a consistent basis over the course of the season.

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