A few members of the Cleveland Cavaliers frontcourt had a nice little get-together drinking some wine. But they didn’t drink just any wine; their bottle came from the cellar of their new teammate, Dwyane Wade.

Kevin Love, Channing Frye, Richard Jefferson, and Tristan Thompson all got a taste of Wade’s special vintage, and in return, they gave a special cheers to the newest member of their Cavs family.

Kevin Love posted a video of their evening together on his social media account. The video saw Love interviewing his teammates about what they thought of Wade’s wine.

Frye, who is a known wine snob, turned his connoisseur mode on as he sensed some almonds upon further tasting of the wine. His podcast buddy, Jefferson, seemed a bit concerned about the wine’s year, though. Meanwhile, Thompson looked like he finished a few glasses.

The Cavs still have a couple of days to sleep off any hangover, though, as they begin their preseason schedule against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday, Oct. 4.