Now that they have advanced to the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Cleveland Cavaliers have more than a week to rest and prepare for their next opponents. The start of all the second round series has been released, and the Cavs will not be playing again until May 1st.

Their week-long off has been made possible because of their impressive 4-0 sweep against the Indiana Pacers. Not only did they eliminate them quickly, but the Cavs have given themselves time to rest their and relax first, while waiting to see who they will play next.

With the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks series tied at two games apiece and two more games guaranteed to be played, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the series reaches a full, seven games. Should that happen, the Cavaliers will have an advantage over them by being the fresher team, and also having home court advantage against either of them.

If there’s one thing certain at this point, it’s that the Cavs have earned their break, and also sent a strong message to the rest of the competition that they have another notch to take their level to.