With practically half the NBA scrambling to jump in on the action involving New Orleans Pelicans want-away star Anthony Davis’ trade request, the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly now being eyed as a potential third team in the imminent trade deal. Sam Amico of Amico Hoops points out that while the Cavs may not be in the running to land Davis, they could potentially join in on the action and end up obtaining a few valuable assets in the deal.

According to Amico, the advantage the Cavs have lies in their willingness to pretty much blow up their entire squad at a moment’s notice.

Aside from the draft pick, and possibly Love, nothing or no one about the Cavs is untouchable. They like Sexton. They like Osman. But if general manager Koby Altman can find a clear upgrade at any position, he will take it — provided the upgrade is a young player with loads of potential.

Amico does have a valid point here. The Cavs have a number of assets they can choose to deal, and they might just end up playing a pivotal part in Davis’ big move.

The Cavs are not dreaming about signing Davis — they understand their limitations. However, they would probably be very much willing to move a few pieces at the right price.

The one thing the Cavs have that a lot of teams don’t is a willingness to move just about anyone to help facilitate a trade. In return, all they want is some assets — whether it be more young players or first-round picks, or both.

This is definitely a very interesting piece of insight. With the trade deadline fast approaching, Cavs supporters will be keeping an eye on this situation in the hopes that their team somehow benefits from a potential blockbuster deal.