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Timeline of LeBron James rumors since last summer

LeBron James, Cavs

In the last year, that has been consistent chatter surrounding star forward LeBron James’ long-term future with Cleveland Cavaliers that has only grown louder as the start of the free agency period nears closer.

It has often times been a wide array of reports and rumors surrounding what’s expected to be a thorough process this offseason for James in his decision that will have a tremendous impact on this next chapter of his career. Just to get a feel for how much talk there has been around James over the last couple of weeks, Ken Carman of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland has kept track of all numerous conversation that has arisen involving James.

At this point, it is clear that there no concise way of knowing what the 33-year-old will do with his pending free agency decision this summer. There have been many reports that conflict with one another that have only jumbled up the talk to the point where it’s hard to nail down what will lie ahead in the coming weeks for the four-time league MVP.

The only thing that can be taken away from all of this is that there are plenty of factors that will weigh into the decision. James has indicated that his family with have a significant input and influence what he decides to do next in NBA career, which should narrow down what he may choose to do come July.

There have been several teams aside from the Cleveland Cavaliers that have emerged in the conversation such as the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, and Philadelphia 76ers. The presence of each of these teams making their pitch to James will only give him more to weight as he makes this major move. This should set the tone for what could be another highly entertaining offseason.

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