The Cleveland Cavaliers’ core is pretty much set, but filling out their roster remains unchecked. As it stands, the Cavs are still in need of a wing player, a backup center, and a third-string point guard.

The market is running dry, though. Earlier targets such as Doug McDermott, Reggie Bullock, and Josh Hart, among others, have either settled on a new team or a contract extension. One of the most intriguing names attached to the Cavs in recent trade rumors is Cam Reddish, but the Atlanta Hawks expect to rake in a hefty return.

Such is the case the Cavs are facing as of writing. According to Sam Amico of, Cleveland will likely be talking to teams looking to deal in bad faith.

At any rate, the trade offers for Nance have been there all offseason. But according to Hoops Wire sources, none have been very good. In fact, it appears that other teams are still in “let’s see if we can rip off the Cavs” mode.

Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast and the Cavs aren’t exactly coming from a position of strength.

They’ve had talks involving Collin Sexton, but they couldn’t find a fair offer. Larry Nance Jr. is one of the team’s more tradeable assets due to his defense, ability to make plays, and his valuable locker room presence. Teams are also looking to snatch the Cavs’ 2022 first-round pick, per Chris Fedor of

Coming off a 22-50 season, they will be parading a youthful lineup so expectations are kept in check for 2021-22. These may very well lead to another lottery pick that has opportunistic teams looking to take advantage of the Cavs’ needs.