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REPORT: Only 3 or 4 people know LeBron James’ decision

lebron james

LeBron James is one of, if not the biggest storyline of this offseason. Where he decides to take his talents will likely cause a ripple effect throughout the league. But so far, it’s largely unclear what he plans to do.

According to Jordan Zirm of ESPN Cleveland, Brian Windhorst, who came onto the radio show, is reporting that only three or four people truly know what LeBron is thinking at this very moment.

Obviously, the Cleveland Cavaliers are a strong possibility, but other destinations like Los Angeles for either the Lakers or the Clippers, Philadelphia, and even Houston have been mentioned in connection to James.

The biggest takeaway from this report is that no one really knows anything. The media can be quick to jump on any possible story and fans are obsessed with trying to get inside the minds of free agents. But in truth, no one knows anything yet.

There’s a possibility that LeBron doesn’t even know what he plans on doing yet. On the other hand, he may already have a plan in place, but doesn’t want it to leak to the media.

Oftentimes, the NBA offseason can be just as intriguing as the regular season. The storylines that surround free agency are dripping with drama and LeBron is no stranger to this. He’s already had his fair share of climactic free agency moves with The Decision that led him to Miami and his subsequent return to Cleveland years later.

It’s unclear exactly what he plans to do, and other than a select group of people, nobody knows anything for sure.

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