The biggest story surrounding the NBA this summer is the LeBron James saga and where exactly he will be playing when the season rolls around next year.

There are all kinds of rumors about the King and where is going. One day he is going to Houston and the next day he is going to the Lakers, and the following day he is staying with the Cavaliers.

It seems at this point of the season no one knows exactly where LeBron is going and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN has heard from one source anyone that gives their pick is just guessing, and if they say they know for sure, they are lying.

“If someone is pretending they know what LeBron is thinking, they’re guessing,” one source close to the situation says. “How could anyone know when he doesn’t even know?”

One of the big reasons that LeBron doesn’t know is because he isn’t giving up on this Cleveland Cavaliers team, and he believes that this team still has a shot to win the title.

“League sources believe it’s “still a long shot” James chooses the Lakers this summer, but that’s mostly because he’s determined to stay focused on winning a title with the Cavaliers this season.”

Once this season winds down is really when LeBron sits down with his family and the people close to him and decides where he wants to go. Until that point, though, it’s just smart to let it play out, and not believe what all the sources are saying.