It looks like Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Larry Drew won’t be sticking around very long.

According to Joe Vardon of The Athletic, Drew will probably be gone at the end of this season, and NBA insiders would even be “shocked” if the Cavs end up retaining him.

Prior to Cleveland’s loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, Drew said that there had been “no discussion about my future, and we’ve decided to wait until the season is completely over before we discuss that.”

It may seem pretty unfair for the Cavs to fire Drew, as this was clearly a rebuilding season for the franchise, and Drew did not even begin the year at the helm. Remember: Tyronn Lue started the season as head coach before being fired and then replaced by Drew, who was serving as an assistant.

Plus, the players seem to like him:

“I think he’d be great for the future, but, I don’t even know if he wants it,” said Kevin Love. “He knows that I have his back and I think a lot of the guys have his back.”

Larry Nance Jr. added that he is a “fan” of Drew’s, saying that he felt the team made progress throughout the season:

“I think we’ve made pretty awesome strides and I think everyone would kind of agree with that, that we’ve made awesome strides,” said Nance. “I’m a Larry Drew fan.”

Finally, rookie guard Collin Sexton said he feels Drew has done “a tremendous job” with the group.

But it doesn’t seem like the players will be playing for him beyond their final regular-season game on Tuesday.