The subject of where LeBron James will play after this season has been the talk of every sports network every week since before the season started. According to sports pundits, one team that James is eyeing is the Philadelphia 76ers.

According to Smitty of Barstool Sports, James visited Philly to scout for a school for his son. He gets overly excited just thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead, too.

While this guy may be overreacting, the Sixers are considered one of the best options for James to sign with if he decides not to re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the pursuit of more championships.

It’s no secret that James is a fan of the Sixers’ Ben Simmons whose game has been compared to the rookie’s ever since his college days. In fact, among the NBA players that the Cavs’ superstar wanted fans to vote for in the All-Star Game, Simmons was the only one who wasn’t a teammate nor a close friend of his.

The Sixers have a young and talented team for James to lead in the next few years. As he ages and his game diminishes, he has Simmons and All-Star center Joel Embiid to carry the load for him while winning championships along the way.

However, an ESPN report says that 31 percent of NBA players think that James shouldn’t sign with the Sixers. That’s a higher percentage than the Golden State Warriors (28%), the Los Angeles Lakers (16%), and the Houston Rockets (16%).

Could it be that some players consider the Sixers to be the greatest threat to their chances of winning a championship if James signs with them? Or do they honestly think that it’s bad for the Sixers who are developing their own talents in their own way?

Either way, the race for James’ services for the coming season hasn’t even begun yet. But if his son attends a Philadelphia school next school year, the chances that James will want to play for the Sixers increases exponentially.