LeBron James is now in talks with the Los Angeles Lakers to potentially sign an extension with the team. Nothing is guaranteed at this point, however, and with one year remaining on his current deal, anything can still happen up and until he puts his signature on the dotted line.

This is exactly why the prospect of LeBron moving back to the Cleveland Cavaliers still remains to be a possibility. Cavs insider Evan Dammarell of Right Down Euclid recently reported that the team has, at least, some interest in the prospect of reuniting with their prodigal son. The Cavs are well aware of the position they have placed themselves in, though, and they intend to act accordingly:

Sources have shared with Right Down Euclid that the Cavaliers are in a good place organizationally and aren’t going to bend over backward in order to lure James home. Would they love to have him back? Absolutely. I think anyone would be lying if they didn’t want James. But, with the uncertainty around his son and Cleveland having cap space next offseason, it would be remiss of them to kick the can down the road to wait until James is entering his twilight.

As Dammarell reports above, there is so much uncertainty surrounding LeBron James right now. For their part, it sounds like the Cavs are merely doing their due diligence as they explore the possibility of bringing the four-time NBA champ back to his beloved hometown.

The Cavs obviously have a very good thing going right now, and they do not want to ruin what they’ve built just to be able to get LeBron. However, if they are able to bring The King back to Cleveland without necessarily breaking up their core, then why not, right?