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LeBron James expected to inform Cavs of decision Wednesday

lebron james

In 2010, LeBron James was lambasted for his TV special entitled “The Decision” where a young man announced in an unceremonious fashion that he’ll be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2014, James, more matured this time, announced his decision to return to the Cavs via an eloquently-penned letter that goes deep within the hearts of his fans in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Part Three of James’ free agency decision is upon us and everyone is all eyes on each move that the current Cavs superstar and his family do. Unlike the first two iterations, the 33-year-old is now a full-fledged family man. He has said it before that family will play a huge part in determining his next destination.

The Cavs will have the opportunity of learning about that early after Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of said that James plans to discuss with his mother team the future of their relationship Wednesday.

Many have speculated that James is likely to leave the Cavs for the second time owing to the team’s tight cap situation and unpromising roster makeup. But if Dan Gilbert, Koby Altman, and co. can maneuver ways of drastically improving the lineup — not just for next year but beyond — then The King could decide to stay put.

If James indeed informs the Cavs of his plans this early, it would allow the team to better prepare for the upcoming NBA Draft, owning the eight overall pick. The Cavs are in a precarious situation where they could be drafting a player without the knowledge if that pick will be to compliment James or become the next franchise star.

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