The Utah Jazz have been one of the teams that have been linked to free agent Collin Sexton, who for his part, has yet to secure a new deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Apparently, some members of the Jazz organization were serious about potentially pairing Sexton with superstar Donovan Mitchell. This was until they decided to find a new home for their soon-to-be ex-cornerstone stud.

NBA insider Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report recently revealed that some members of the Jazz brass were actually intent on bringing Sexton to Cleveland (h/t Peter Dewey of Cavaliers Nation):

“I do know there was a faction of folks in Utah who were very curious about the idea of going out and getting Collin Sexton, pairing him with Donovan before they started really listening to calls,” Fischer said on a podcast appearance.

The report speaks in the past tense, which means that it’s possible that the Jazz have now moved on from their interest in Sexton. The team appears adamant about a Donovan Mitchell trade away from Utah with the intention of going on a full rebuild. Would it still make sense for them to bring in Sexton even without Mitchell in the picture?

Collin Sexton is reportedly looking for an annual salary in the $20 million range. This has been a major stumbling block in his contract negotiations with the Cavs, and this could also be the case for other teams that may have shown interest in the 23-year-old — including the Jazz.

For their part, Cleveland has the right to match any offer sheet for Sexton, so it seems that they’re more than happy to let him test the water in free agency.