After being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, fans were wondering what Jarrett Allen’s career trajectory will be. He was a promising defensive anchor in Brooklyn, but could he be something more than that? As it turns, he’s been good enough to warrant consideration for one of the biggest honors in US basketball.

Joe Vardon of The Athletic reported that Jarrett Allen is being considered as a potential candidate for Team USA. This is a huge honor, and a testament to the Cavs center’s talent and work he put in.

Cavs fans aren’t exactly surprised why Allen would be considered for Team USA. After all, the former Nets center has been a consistently solid force for the team. He’s averaging a double-double of 14.4 points and 10.3 rebounds as a Cavs player, along with 1.3 blocks per game. He has anchored the defense for this team, and is a crucial part of the Cavs’ hot start this season. His numbers also are eerily similar to some amazing centers…

Allen’s skillset will be incredibly useful in the international game. Good traditional center play is more emphasized in FIBA and Olympic ball than in the NBA, which is where the Cavs standout can shine for Team USA. He’s a dangerous roll threat who can grab rebounds when needed and protect the paint. Newly-named head coach Steve Kerr will definitely find a way to utilize him properly when the tournaments come around.

The next FIBA World Cup is slated to start in 2023, while the Olympics will be held a year later in 2024. A lot of change can happen between those years, but if Jarrett Allen can keep up his solid play, he’ll be a lock to represent the red, blue, and white of Team USA.