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Gabrielle Union might have given up Dwyane Wade’s secret a**-eating fetish

Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade

Following last week’s reveal of Stephen Curry’s fetish by his wife Ayesha during a guest appearance in “The View,” Gabrielle Union had another heart-to-heart in the airwaves in a similar fashion than her westward counterpart.

The longtime actress and wife to Cleveland Cavaliers new addition Dwyane Wade spilled the beans on a potential fetish of his, when she talked about sexual reciprocity and men’s a**-eating habits during a guest appearance in Sway’s Universe of SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

The show’s co-host brought in reference one how Union had mentioned mentoring women sexually in her book, bringing it the talk about reciprocity — only to come around to some pretty personal questions, which she had no problem speaking of.

[Warning: Explicit sexual content ahead]

“Sway: How old were you when you first ate a butt?

GU: [Laughs] The teddy bear got it. From the rooter to the tooter. That teddy bear… I liberated him. Listen, it’s all about equality. A lot of times a lot of women feel like ‘I’ma lose him if I don’t do XYZ and there’s never any thought on the woman enjoying or any expectation of enjoying sex. Like, I’m just a vessel for someone else’s sexual gratification, and we have to take that back, we have to demand equality.”

While Union didn’t reveal anything specific about Wade, she also is known to practice everything she preaches — making putting two and two together not very hard at all.

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