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Derrick Rose’s shoe contract might have persuaded him to make return

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose was once again part of a lot of headlines recently, as he reportedly informed the Cleveland Cavaliers that he plans to rejoin them, and continue his basketball career. While his desire to win a championship could be thought of as the main reason for his decision, his shoe deal with Adidas may have also played a role.

The former MVP is still under contract with the shoe and apparel giant, after he signed a 13-year, $185 million contract with them back in 2012. If Derrick Rose retires, he may lose as much as $80 million, which will be a big dent to his earnings, especially as he only has a veteran’s minimum deal this year with the Cavs, according to Nick De Paula of ESPN.

“While Rose is on a one-year, veteran’s minimum contract with the Cavaliers for this season, he still has seven seasons left on the 13-year, $185 million Adidas extension he signed in 2012. The brand is “absolutely” protected, according to an industry source familiar with NBA endorsement deal exit clauses.”

“If Rose files retirement paperwork with the league, the terms of any remaining years on the Adidas deal will not be paid out. Even though Rose’s star power has faded in recent years, Adidas has been contractually obligated to continue producing and marketing a DRose signature sneaker each year. Rose had been wearing the DRose 8 model this season.”

After being selected first overall in 2008, Derrick Rose quickly established himself as one of the most exciting guards to watch in the league. He won the MVP Award in 2011, and turned the Chicago Bulls into a force in the Eastern Conference during his early days as a pro. However, injuries have taken away much of the succeeding seasons following his career year, and he has continued to struggle battling them.

The Cavs, and the Noretheast Ohio faithful, are all hoping that Rose’s decision is based on wanting to help the team win it all this year, and not just about saving the shoe deal. Although it is still unclear when he’ll exactly return to action, it will be very interesting to watch him play again, and see how much effort he’ll give night in and night out.

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