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RUMOR: Collin Sexton’s on-court behavior irking Cavs, fueling opponents’ taunts

Collin Sexton, Cavs

Collin Sexton is the leading scorer on the Cleveland Cavaliers, averaging 24.4 points per game on 57.8% true shooting. He has the highest usage rate among Cavs players at 29.1% which means he is the one running the offense at almost all times he is on the court. Despite this usage rating, he only has a 20.7% assist percentage. This means he only assists on 20.7% of the scoring possessions while he is on the court. This is starting to frustrate his own teammates and it’s leading to heckling from other teams.

Playing with high-usage guards can be a blessing and a curse. Sexton plays in the same mold as Russell Westbrook, Lou Williams, and other such scoring guards. However, even those guys have much higher assist percentages. Guards like this can make life easier on some teammates, but they tend to dominate the offense and make egalitarian offenses virtually impossible.

The NBA as a team has caught onto this, even heckling him by saying “you know he’s not going to pass” and other taunting, per Joe Vardon of the Athletic.

“Various Cavs players still grow frustrated by the way Sexton dominates the ball, and opponents taunt them by saying during games, “you know he’s not going to pass you the ball.”

Sexton seems like the best young player on the Cavs, but there are other contenders who could step up. Darius Garland has had a terrific and underrated sophomore season. He could potentially be the true point guard of the future due to his passing and shooting. Isaac Okoro is also a player to watch for the future. Okoro is already an incredible defender on the wing and a developing slasher. Jarrett Allen is soon to be paid, but is still an excellent young, defensive big with upside as a roll man.

Kevin Porter Jr, traded from the Cavs to the Houston Rockets for a 2024 top 55 protected second-round pick, just had a 50 point and 10 assist outing and looks the part of a future All-Star. Collin Sexton will be under more pressure to replace what KPJ meant to this team. Whether or not he can do it is yet to be seen, but his own team seems to be against him.

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