The offseason has been rough for Collin Sexton thus far. The 23-year-old has been looking to sign a new deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it is clear that both camps are at an impasse right now. At this point, it seems like Sexton is already weighing his options outside of Cleveland — and understandably so.

According to Cavs insider Evan Dammarell of Right Down Euclid, the 6-foot-1 guard is still waiting to get an offer from an opposing team/s. If the Cavs won’t pay him, then Sexton is hoping that another team would. Unfortunately for him, the harsh reality is that there aren’t too many sides out there that are willing to meet his contract demands:

Sources say that Sexton’s camp is holding out hope for an offer sheet from another team. But, those same sources say the market has dried up for him and most teams that might be interested in him would rather wait out things and strike when his value is at its lowest.

Previous reports suggest that Sexton is looking for a deal that will pay him roughly $20 million per season. The Cavs have been unwilling to go this high for the former eighth overall pick, and apparently, the same is the case for the rest of the league.

The Washington Wizards and the Utah Jazz are two teams that have been linked to Sexton, but it also seems that they are balking at his lofty asking price. The fact that Collin Sexton missed the majority of last season due to injury has certainly played a key role in all this.