Unless he signs a new deal with the Los Angeles Lakers in the near future, LeBron James is going to be a free agent next summer. If he so chooses, the four-time NBA champ can literally join whichever team he wants. One such side that has already been linked to a potential LeBron reunion is none other than his beloved Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cavs insider Joe Vardon of The Athletic reveals, however, that this just isn’t going to happen. While a potential return to his hometown is indeed a pretty groundbreaking prospect for LeBron (imagine the content this would generate for new outlets everywhere), Vardon is adamant that the Cavs just aren’t interested:

The Cavs are not proceeding with the intention of getting LeBron for a third time…

I think family weighs too heavily into this, and the easiest move for him is to stay with the Lakers.

LeBron made the move to Hollywood a few years back with the intention of playing out the rest of his career in LA — or so it may seem. He’s already declared his desire to play with his son, Bronny, once he becomes eligible for the NBA Draft. If the Lakers decide against bringing Bronny to LA, then LeBron will likely join any other team that drafts his son.

It’s also worth noting that there’s still a year before LeBron potentially hits free agency. So much can happen from now until then, and quite honestly, it’s hard to deny that it would only be fitting if LeBron James ends up retiring as a Cavalier.