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Cleveland willing to take long-term salaries with Kyle Korver, George Hill as top assets

Kyle Korver, George Hill

As their season continues to get from bad to worse, recent reports suggest that the Cleveland Cavaliers front office are just about ready to blow up their entire squad. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Cavs are already looking at the prospect of offloading some of their veterans in exchange for long-term deals.

In conversations the Cavs have had around the league, they’ve begun to express that they’ll be willing to take on long-term salary as the trade deadline approaches, league sources said. The Cavs have a couple of veterans they are going to be willing to trade.

Sharpshooting swingman Kyle Korver and crafty point guard George Hill are reportedly the two players that the team are willing to part ways with.

The most interest is expected to be in Kyle Korver, who is shooting 46 percent on 3-pointers, but they also have the attractive contract of George Hill, who is making $19 million this season and has just $1 million guaranteed for next season.

Despite being 37 years of age, there is no shortage of interest in Korver, who can potentially provide an instant boost to a contender’s 3-point shooting prowess.

With already 10 seasons under his belt, Hill has been around the league and can surely bring a steady, veteran presence to a team that is looking to add a more influential player in the mix.

While future draft picks might be more enticing for the Cavs as they build for the future, it seems that they are willing to lower their expectations just to get these deals through.

It’s definitely dark days in Cleveland right now, but at the very least, the Cavs faithful can bank on the fact that the team is already thinking a few years ahead at this point in time.

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