The Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as likely the rest of the lottery teams in the NBA Draft, still don’t know who they’ll be able to draft in two days. The Phoenix Suns have been a near-lock to select DeAndre Ayton, but anything beyond that is entirely unclear.

One thing that is clear, however, is that if Missouri’s Michael Porter Jr falls to the Cavs, they will very likely select him with their eighth overall pick in the Draft.

Per Joe Vardon of

If Michael Porter Jr. is still on the board when the Cavaliers draft eighth Thursday and they haven’t agreed to trade the pick, they will likely select him.

Several sources, ranging from NBA executive to agents to scouts, told that the Cavs would most likely draft Porter if they could. The team, naturally, will not comment on its draft strategy.

Porter’s odds of dropping all the way down to eivht are slim, as the Sacramento Kings, among other teams, are considering drafting him with their second overall pick.

Porter Jr. played just three games due to a back injury suffered in the season opener against Iowa State. He missed the entire season, but was able to play a couple of games to close out the year, including a valiant 16-point, 10-rebound, 3-steal effort in the NCAA Tournament against Florida State.